Free 🚫💰🤑🚫 seeds!!?

So you want to start a garden but have limited funds…  You might feel stuck but luckily, there are a few ways to get around this.

In my experience, forming relationships with your local nurseries and garden shops is key to maintaining a functional garden.  A few years ago while working on another gardening project with my class, we found ourselves in desperate need of seeds.  We decided to reach out to a local nursery that very graciously gave us all of the seeds we needed for free.  The great thing about these nurseries is that they often want to help spread and cultivate (haha) gardening culture in their respective communities, making them a great resource if you need help getting started.  Perhaps it was merely a bunch of “cute” 12-year-olds requesting seeds that merited so much generosity from the nursery, but I would still absolutely recommend pursuing this avenue.

If this type of request isn’t your cup of tea, fear not, for there are a surprising number of online ways to receive seeds for free.  With threats like global warming and the endangerment of bees growing ever more prevalent in our daily lives, more and more companies and organizations are encouraging people like you and me to go outside and plant something.  This poses an amazing opportunity to obtain seeds and even saplings for free.  Here are some of the best (FREE) opportunities I’ve come across:

Not necessarily seeds but free and gardening related nonetheless:

Finally, I wanted to mention that you might be surprised by all the seeds you encounter at home every day.  Your peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more, all contain seeds which you can plant and grow into more food (sounds like magic imo).  Here are some resources I found that detail how to do this!

Thanks for reading and good luck!!!!!


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