Avoiding commercial pesticide use 🤢

Factory farms commonly use pesticides, with pest- meaning a troublesome annoyance and -cide meaning to kill, in order to target insects, weeds, fungi, and even bacteria that may feed upon their crops.  These pesticides can be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and actively contribute to the world’s current antibiotic resistance crisis as they unnecessarily target bacteria (more about this here).  Purchasing organic produce from the store avoids the pesticide dilemma but said organic produce is often significantly more expensive than its conventional counterpart.  One of the benefits of growing your own produce is being able to control what exactly your food is exposed to.  It turns out that there are a number of effective and organic insect repellant recipes that you can make at home.  This article from globalhealingcenter.com has 10 awesome do-it-yourself pesticide recipes.  Additionally, attached are a few videos I have found to be relevant to the discussion.


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